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Camila Sáenz   |   Taipei   

Passionate for better education in the world.  Founder of TUTEEMI, a platform that connects foreign tutors and students in person and online.  Undifferent's author, photobook, which was issued after traveling to 33 countries and sold more than a hundred copies. Always looking forward to being challenged and giving the best of herself. Extremely passionate about women in business, has participated as a mentor for the HULT prize and Bridge for Billions of programs. Alumni of the biggest accelerator in Asia - Appworks and also alumni of 500global - one of the biggest accelerators worldwide.


Ph.D.  |   National Taipei Technology University, TW  |   2020 - present |   Business Management

Master Degree |   Ming Chuan University, TW  |   2017-2019  |   Business Administration

Minor   |   London School of Business and Finance, UK  |   2019 |   Global Marketing

Bachelor Degree |   Ming Chuan University, TW  |   2014-2018  |   Journalism and Communication

High School |  International School of Guatemala, GUA  |   2000-2012  |   


Content Writer  |  Business Next Media   |   2022 - Present  | Taiwan

Adjunct Instructor   |   Ming Chuan University   |   2021 - Present  | Taiwan


CEO & Founder   |   TUTEEMI   |   2019 - Present  | Taiwan

English and Spanish language tutor |   150+ students   |   2013 - Present  | Taiwan & China


Public Relations   |   Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)   |   2018  |   Guatemala  ​

Social Media Manager   |   WFTO - World Fair Trade Organization   |   2017  |   Thailand

Photojournalist   |   Freelancer for local newspapers  |   2016  |   Kenya & Nepal


Spanish   -  Native

English    - Bilingual

Mandarin - Fluent

Volunteer Work

Bridge for Billions   |   Mentor for the entrepreneurship program to empower women  |   2023  | Guatemala

Hult Prize Foundation   |   Mentor for the entrepreneurship program at MCU  |   2020 - 2022  | Taiwan

SoGaL Foundation |   Community builder for women empowerment   |   2019 - 2021  | Taiwan

All Hands  |  Volunteer building after Typhoon Haiyan   |   2016  |   Philippines


TECHO   |   Team leader during the construction of houses  |2010 - 2014  |   Guatemala  ​

Helps International   |   Interpreter Eng-Spa during medical missions  |   2013 |   Guatemala

guest speaker at

AWS  x SoGal |  Empowering Women's Future


Womany  女人迷

TEDx Speaker | International Dominican School Taipei


Hamburg School of Business Administration  |   Germany   


Ming Chuan University  |   銘傳大學   

Cheng Chi University    |   國立政治大學

Yilan University    |   國立宜蘭大學 

TamKang University    |   淡江大學   

National Taipei University of Education  |   國立臺北教育大學


Taiwan Startup Stadium  | 台灣新創競技場   

Special Skills

Skilled in Public Speaking, Strategic Public Relations Planning,

Business Mentorship, Event Planning Management, and Leadership.

I like to discover different and challenging environments. I see myself as a problem solver and I like others to see me as the "to go to" person when they run into difficulties. I like to keep myself busy coordinating and executing a variety of events and activities that constantly help me improve my soft and hard skills. "Connecting the dots" is what I enjoy doing because I believe in the power of networking, it is essential to make the world a better place.


I am passionate about greater education. I have organized, supervised, and trained different groups of people to work better in an international environment. I look forward to meeting people interested in creating a better future for others. 

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